Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Fast, Low Cost, Lasts up to 100 Years

Our trenchless pipe replacement virtually eliminates the disruption and mess that digging causes. And it can cost less overall.  Here is how it works.
We make small holes where the damaged pipe starts and ends. Using your broken sewer line as a guide, our hydraulic machine pulls full-sized replacement pipe through the old path and breaks up the damaged pipe at the same time.

your new pipe is highly resistant to leaks and root intrusion, with a long life expectancy. Trenchless pipe repair and replacement takes less time than older methods and restoration. It is approved by local plumbing authorities. Our trenchless sewer line repair and replacement is the next step in quality sewer maintenance with less environmental impact.   Pipe Bursting advantages:

  • Is quick
  • Is cost-effective
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Saves your driveways and parking lots
  • Saves your landscaping
  • Is approved by plumbing authorities

Click Here to see method we use!

Trenchless Pipe Re-Lining

Fast, Low Cost, Lasts up to 50 Years

Relining: Less Time, Less Mess, Less Money

We offer a single access pipe relining system to rehabilitate existing building sewer without the need of extensive digging and liability. Now, we can rehabilitate existing building drain lines in diameter from 2�to 8�in less than a day and most cases in less than 5 hours. This “true�inversion method allows the perma-lateral lining method to negotiate 22’s 45’s and sweeping 90’s with ease, our installers are able to line 4”��transitions without changing the structural properties of the liner. Only perma-lateral liner materials have a reinforced scrim to eliminate stretch during inversion.

The perma-lateral lining system / cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is the only system and materials to be approved for lining existing 2�to 8�diameter pipelines in City of Los Angeles, Ca.

The approval has been granted by Department of Building and Safety per strict Los Angeles Plumbing Code (LAPC) requirements and third party testing and Carry’s 50 years manufacturer’s warranty.

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